Income Tax Services for Individual and Business

Doing your own income taxes for your individual or business can lead to confusion and errors. Don’t wade through the confusing world of tax law and preparation on your own. Contact Boris Barats & Associates, Inc. for assistance in submitting your taxes on time and accurately. Appointments available to fit your busy schedule.

Helpful Tax Preparation for Your Situation

Whether you’ve had major life-changing issues such as a birth or divorce that will change your filing status, or purchased or sold your home and aren’t sure how to proceed, Boris Barats & Associates, Inc. can help.

Stay on Top of Your Business Taxes

Your business has a lot of different things happening. Don’t add to your to-do list with annual taxes. Reduce your stress and headaches by allowing the professional accountants and financial experts at Boris Barats & Associates, Inc. to handle all of the ins and outs of business tax law and the changes that happen year-to-year.  
When time is money, please contact us to schedule an appointment to go over your business’ taxes.